College of Medicine at the University of Duhok Attains Accreditation, a First in Kurdistan
Sept. 20, 2023, 4:08 p.m.

In a historic moment, the College of Medicine at the University of Duhok has executed full accreditation, marking a great milestone within the instructional landscape of Kurdistan and Iraq. The declaration turned into made at some stage in a press convention held at the Convention Center of the University of Duhok, attended with the aid of prominent guests and figures, which include Dr. Dawood Sulaiman Atrushi, the President of the University of Duhok, and the educational personnel of the College of Medicine.

Dr. Dildar Haji Musa, the Dean of the College of Medicine, expressed his profound gratitude for this momentous fulfillment. He emphasized that getting accreditation isn't always best a testament to the college's unwavering commitment to excellence but also a mirrored image of the willpower and tough work of its faculty, group of workers, and college students. Dr. Musa further highlighted that the accreditation process changed into rigorous and thorough, making sure that the college meets the highest standards in clinical training.

During his speech, Dr. Atrushi, the President of the University of Duhok, underscored the significance of this fulfillment for the university, the town of Duhok, and the whole Kurdistan place. He counseled the University for its Relentless Pursuit of excellence and its pivotal position in shaping the future of healthcare professionals inside the place.

The accreditation manner, which commenced in October 2022, worried a comprehensive evaluation of all elements of the College of Medicine, from its curriculum and applications to school qualifications and infrastructure. The rigorous evaluation culminated on this prestigious accreditation, making the College of Medicine the first in Kurdistan to acquire this reputation.

Dr. Dildar Haji Musa further emphasized that this fulfillment is a testament to the college's willpower to advancing medical schooling and healthcare services in Kurdistan and Iraq. He expressed gratitude to everybody worried in the accreditation manner, such as college, personnel, and students, and reaffirmed the college's commitment to preserving and in addition enhancing the excessive standards it has set.

The President of the University, Dr. Dawood Sulaiman Atrushi, additionally praised the university's commitment to educational excellence and its position in raising scientific schooling inside the location. He expressed his optimism approximately the destiny of the College of Medicine and its capacity to make even extra contributions to the sector of medicine.

In the coming days, the University of Duhok will rejoice this first-rate success in a grand ceremony, in which the reputable results of the accreditation will be announced. This milestone no longer only elevates the College of Medicine however also reflects the unwavering dedication of the entire college network to excellence in training and research.

The accreditation of the College of Medicine at the University of Duhok is a testimony to the group's dedication to turning in first-rate clinical education and advancing healthcare offerings in the Kurdistan vicinity and past. It marks a moment of satisfaction, no longer most effective for the university and the college however also for the city of Duhok and the whole Kurdistan place.

The National Council for Colleges of Medicine (NCAMC) was officially established in Iraq on April 22, 2015. This council is an extension of the former National Committee of Medical Colleges of Iraq (NACMCI) and falls under the umbrella of the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation within the Supervisory Scientific Evaluation Apparatus NCAMC Important steps in process accreditation in medical college various in Iraq It shows face. Its main mission is to ensure accreditation by medical colleges across the country. At the same time, NCAMC seeks to meet prerequisites for accreditation by organizations such as the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) NCAMC aims to drive quality healthcare in Iraq improve through a strong accreditation program and a commitment to improving the standards of medical education.


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UOD Media; 19 September 2023.