A very incentive group project by 4 stage students of COE
May 15, 2016, 2:42 p.m.

A group of *students under the supervision of Dr. Serhat at the College of Engineering, designed a guide map for The UoD main (Malta) campus for the very first time at the university. This unique project is one of the requirements for their graduation from the department of Civil Engineering.

Brief introduction 

Possibly maps are as important to humanity as language and the written word. They are the well-known resources of recording and communicating. Maps are means of visualising the location and spatial characteristics of the natural world of society and culture. Throughout the world, remarkable number of maps are generated and used annually by governments, businesses, scientists and scholars to meet eco-friendly, commercial, governmental, and social needs. 

Problem statement 

Perhaps Iraqi Kurdistan region commonly and Duhok city specifically can be rated at the end of list in mapping as simple communicating maps don’t exist or not accessible online which negatively reflected on the society. This fact was addressed by one of the college of engineering’s academic staff (Dr. Sarhat). Therefore, he decided to offer the idea to the students of 4th year civil engineering as a graduation project which attracted students’ attention. Fortunately, the best students group was chosen based on their higher ranking. The power of advanced technology and geospatial science were invested in order to create a guiding map for Duhok University’s Malta Campus. The outcome from this process was astonishing, useful and rich of information guide map. 

Advantages of produced guide map

The produced guide map considered to be valuable for Duhok University and will help visitors to reach their destinations in a short time and easy manner. The map also important for many other applications and purposes such producing brochures or leaflets, students’ guide books, posters, and many more. Possible other use of the map includes as a printed directional or guiding poster inside each of college and other important units.   

Other useful Projects 

Duhok University’s Malta Campus map was a first series of intentionally other steps into preparing a useful guide maps for Duhok city. There are other important maps need to be prepared for other essential sectors such health sector including Azady teaching hospital complex. Furthermore, traveller information map for public transportation sector in Duhok city. Other useful projects that Dr. Sarhat intend to prepare in the near future, includes developing traffic enforcement camera system to support enforcement scheme, the use of GPS system to support transportation, involve students to enhance the Google maps of Duhok city and many other interesting projects. 

About map 

This map was prepared by civil engineering’s last year undergraduate students under Dr.Sarhat supervision. It was created based on the use of supplied CAD file by eng. Haji which required conversion to UTM-WGS84 and with complementary data from GPS system. The map rendering was carried out using Adobe Photoshop tool. 

For any query or for more information, please use the following contact email: sarhat@uod.ac

Details if needed 

Due to the necessity to prepare a useful guide map for the university and due to unavailability of such a map, Dr. Sarhat decided to offer the idea to the students of 4th year civil engineering as a graduation project. The project has received a wide acceptance of many students but the best group was chosen based on the ranking system. The project connected between the researching fact and solving one of the existing problem (no available guide map for the campus). The first task assigned to the students was doing a literature review on the available satellite imagery resources and mapping techniques. Most satellite imagery including Google, Yahoo, and Being were out of date, and the recent satellite imagery wasn’t enough to meet the project’s ambition. Moreover, the resolution of satellite imagery wasn’t to the quality to extract building details. This fact was led looking for other alternatives. Therefore, students depended on a CAD map supplied by Eng. Haji . Unfortunately, the map was missing some important details and was not up to date. So, the GPS system was utilized to collect the supplemented data. Moreover, the map rendering is another important factor which utilized for better appearance looking.

To experince the Map please follow this link:

UoD MALTA Campus Map

Project group:

  • Diyar Dashti
  • Yousif Owenan
  • Haval Khairy
  • Zeena Taha