Uploading data to the UoD Electronic system
Oct. 15, 2022, 5:20 p.m.

A meeting was held yesterday dated October 12th 2022, at Opatel hall in the Central library building regarding uploading data to the UoD electronic system.

The meeting was delivered by Dr. Sarhat Adem, head of directorate of quality assurance and Mr. Harikar Faesel, head of directorate of IT. The purpose of the meeting was defining a committee; consist of 8 personnel,  responsible for uploading data of the academic staff who are working for the university to the UoD electronic system.

The first section of the meeting specified to take the decision regarding the selected staff that is going to lead and work in this process, the need to facilitate and to finalize the administrative procedures towards fixing the chosen names was highly raised.  The second section included training for the attendees to learn about the correct way of data entering to the system. Different discussions came out concerned on collecting and reviewing the final upgrades in the scientific degrees and positions within the university.