UoD students participates in European Forum Alpbach
Aug. 24, 2017, 4:53 p.m.

73rd European Forum Alpbach is taking place from August 16th - September 1st in Alpine Village, 5000 politicians, scientists, professors, students and young activists from more than 70 countries are bringing their ideas into the heart of Europe and this year is the second time Kurdish are participating in the forum, there are 9 participants from Kurdistan Region and for the first time 2 participants from Rojava, the general theme of this year is "Conflict & Cooperation" where they will be discussing about Science, Health, Higher Education, Technology, Art, Law, Politic, Economy, Religion, and Environment and many more interesting panels, seminars and cultural programs and events will take place at the same time.

Zhigger Abozaid, who is the Ambassador of the forum in Kurdistan Region and Iraq and at the same time is a student in our university is participating in the forum to represent Kurdistan and Iraq there.