Duhok University Celebrated the National Ranking of Universities
Feb. 18, 2020, 2:44 p.m.

On 29/1/2020 the Cultural and Social Center/ Directorate of Quality Assurance held a ceremony in honor of DuhokUniversity’s achievements in the National Ranking of universities in the academic year 2018-2019. Those who participated in the achievements of Duhok University were awarded a certificate of appreciation.

The president of Duhok University, Dr. MuslihDuhoki, stated that the success of Duhok University is the success of all the teachers, students, and employees. Anyone can take pride in these successes. Everyone works non-stop because they know their hard work will pay off. The outcome of this hard work is all the achievements that DuhokUniversity has obtained and every day it takes larger steps.

Dr. Muslih also pointed out that a large academic institution such as Duhok University undoubtedly has an effect on the actions takenin any field, especially in academic and scientific fields. According to the national ranking of higher education, Duhok University is at the forefront of universities in Kurdistan region.Also, according to the International Ranking by Google Scholar, University of Duhok is ranked second in this region. This is not an easy accomplishment it is obtained by working hard non-stop.

Furthermore, the president of Duhok University thanked all of his teachers, employees, and staff one by one for considering Duhok University as their home and not missing one day of work despite all circumstances. This is because all of the teachers of Duhok University are (the torch bearers of science) and they will not let the sparks of education die. Rather, this spark grows larger and brighter.

Moreover, the vice president of Duhok University toldScientific Affairs and Higher Education about the university’s role in the National Ranking as well as the work it has done. The team which helped DuhokUniveristy in this achievement received an award in the ceremony.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan Regional Governmentannounced the ranking of Duhok University in the National Ranking of Kurdistan universities in a ceremony on 9/1/2020.