A 21 Days Training Course was held for the Visually Impaired Students
March 13, 2022, 1:03 p.m.

11 visually impaired students from the College of Humanities in the University of Duhok participated in special training course on the use of the white cane, walking difficulties and self-sufficiency. The training course was organized by Hivi NGO in collaboration with the College of Humanities in the UoD. 

The participants received theoretical and practical training from Dr. Naseem Hassan Abdi. Each participant was trained for two days within the university environment as well as one day outside the university campus.

It is important to mention that the participants were trained according to the international standards and life skills programs including walking up stairs, in the gardens, different kinds of surfaces, and crossing the street. The participants expressed their deepest gratitude for the organization of the training course and explained that it has been highly beneficial to them and strengthened their correlations within the UoD.