The students of the Department of Physics are the First in the Middle East to Become Members in the American Society of Physics Students
March 17, 2024, 10:59 a.m.

In an attempt to support science, the Department of Physics at the College of Science at the UOD, held a seminar to celebrate the membership of its students in the American Society of Physics Students and opening a chapter in the society under the name: “Society of Physics Students – University of Duhok Chapter – Zone 4” as the first students in the Middle East. The celebration ceremony took place at the Department of Physics on March 6, 2024, and it was attended by the Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Mohammed Aziz Ibrahim, and a number of teachers and students of the mentioned department.

The ceremony started with a speech of the Dean who extended his gratitude that the student of the College of Science could achieve such a remarkable success and membership. He also showed the college’s support to every act that helps in developing students and enhances science.

The Society of Physics Students – University of Duhok Chapter – Zone 4 is consisted of 5 students at their second year of college, as follows: Peleen Najmadin, the President of the chapter, Ahmed Mohammed, the Vice President, Raniya Masoum, the Secretary, Ali Rashid, the Treasure, and Zilan Zirak, the Media Manager. There is also their Advisor, who is Dr. Haval Tacoob, an academic member at the department. He had a significant role in supporting the group of students and assisting them in the process of opening the chapter.

The Chapter's President, Peleen, extended her gratitude towards the Deanship and the Department of Physics for their support. She stated that the activity and participation of the students in practical environment is as important as the scientific knowledge the students get in the classes. "Our journey started when some time ago, my colleagues and I felt that we miss something in our department. We wanted to create a space for the physics students and lovers to make it more desirable by the students. Thus, we made our efforts searching for a physics institution that can grant us the membership. We then communicated with the American SPS and eventually got their approval."

Moreover, the student, Rania Masoum, showed that this membership provide the opportunities of funded internships, scholarships and scientific research for the member students, and teachers as well. The Physics Department students started the international membership officially on May 24, 2023. Since then, they have participated and conducted many activities such as international dialogues with foreign students and cleaning the Duhok's Dam in a campaign and others.

After that, an alumni member called Mr. Pirhez, who has graduated in 2005, shared his experience after the graduation from the Physics Department and showed that studying physics at college has impacted on his personal and practical life as he has worked in a lot of initiatives solving his daily life problems based on the science of physics. He, for instance, has developed solar energy cells and different battery sorts. So he has received many offers from NGO and governmental parties to assist them in work. He insisted on that the practical use and engagement in physics is highly important for the students and he motivated them to be active students and persons in life.

The last part of this activity was a physics geopardy competition between the students of different stages and at its end the participants were awarded.

It is worth to mention that the American SPS was founded in 1968. Its main mission is to support students over the world to be professional. It accepts the membership of anyone interested in physics not only students and offer them fundings for scholarships and research.

UOD Media, March 8, 2024

Fatima Mahmood