The strategic plan for the water conducted at UoD
Dec. 5, 2018, 5:04 p.m.

On 19 Nov 2018, the Strategic Plan of Duhok Province for Water and Drainage Conference was conducted at the Conference Hall with the presence of Duhok University and with the collaboration of GIZ Organization, Ministry of Municipality and Tourism Nawroz Mawlud, the Governor of Duhok Province, the Governor, Mr. Farhad Ameen. The President of UoD, Professor Muslih Duhoky in his speech in the ceremony of Conference confirmed on the importance of Water and conserving it and that in a better way it has to be dealt with sparingly.

The Ministry of Municipality and Tourism, in her speech acknowledged those parties who have prepared this plan of five years, and also thanked the German Organization GIZ that they have been so collaborated and made lots of projects; especially Water project for Feidy and the camps of Refugees and Internally Displaced People in Domiz and other places; and she showed the support of the ministry for implementing the Strategic Plan for Water and Drainage in the Province.

The Governor of Duhok; in the name of Kurdistan Regional Government and Duhok Province thanked all the people who have made this plan ready. Also he thanked Unicef Organization  and the German Organization GIZ, that they have been helpful  for preparing the plan, and explained that the importance of Water; either in the drinking field, or in the planting, and said Water is life and there is no life  without  Water; and it’s so essential that they have to deal with Water sparingly.