The President of the UoD attended an Academic Forum in Ankara
July 30, 2017, 9:40 p.m.

After a formal invitation received by the President of the University of Duhok to attend the Vice Chancellor's Forum of universities in the Islamic world, he attended the event and met with his Excellency president Erdogan the president of Turkey during the conference activities. His Excellency President Erdogan gave one hour speech in the forum, in which he stressed the importance of higher education and he showed his support to the higher education institutes in the Islamic countries.     

The Vice Chancellor's Forum of Universities in the Islamic World was held on July 26-27, 2017, Ankara/Turkey. It was arranged by Council of Higher Education/Turkey. During the different active sessions, many academic issues were extensively discussed, like, the quality assurance, the joint bachelor degree between the Islamic universities,  the challenges that face the higher education in this century, MAULANA Turkish scholarship program, and the future of higher education in Turkey and in the region.  Prof. Mosleh Duhoky attended the event along with the presidents of the different public and private universities in Kurdistan Region. 

On side activities, the President of the University of Duhok had many discussions on different universities issues and its academic standard. He also suggested starting mutual bilateral collaborations with different Turkish universities.