The Spatial Planning Department within the Joint Bachelor Program
Feb. 9, 2016, 10:47 p.m.

Summer School May 2014"The Head of Spatial Planning Department/ College of Spatial Planning and Applied Science Dr. Maha AlMalaika guided  the 24 students of the 3rd year stage accompanied by assistant lecturer Mr. Jambaly Abdullah to attend Summer Program studying "the Planning System in Germany" for 35 days in Germany- Dortmund from 15th May till 21st June. The program is part of the joint agreement between the two universities which enables the students getting the Joint Certificate of Bachelor degree in Spatial Planning between Duhok and Tu Dortmund Universities. The program consisted of three parts. ( Dortmund- Berlin – Hamburg), Duration time: 15th May till 21st June 2015

1. The first two weeks were in TU-Dortmund University attending lectures and excursions about planning systems in Germany.


2. The second part was in Berlin included a visit to the State Department, and Planning directorates in Berlin.


3. The third part was in Hamburg related to Transportation Planning in Germany." The experience was a unique one for students getting exposed to the German Planning System and a successful opportunity for cultural and educational exchange."