The University of Duhok met a team from the University of Florida to improve collaboration through Sister City Program.
May 27, 2022, 3:39 p.m.


Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Salih the President Assistant of the University of Duhok for administration affairs, and Dr. Lukman Hadi Hassan the President Assistant for Scientific Affairs, and University committee members met a team from the University of Florida in the Convention Center on May 11.


Sister Cities Program of Gainesville is a non-profit organization founded in Florida that aspires to be a community leader by encouraging municipal officers and members of the community to engage in long-term relationships with other Siter City Programs throughout the world.


Dr. Bahar Armaghani, LEED fellow Director and Assistant professor from the University of Florida discussed the collaboration and cooperation with members from the University of Duhok. The University of Duhok committee will set the Memorandum of Understanding terms then to be approved and signed with the Gainesville Florida team for better coordination in the Academic level to serve the community, students, and University staff.


The committee expressed its pleasure to have future coordination with the University of Florida.