scientific debate on hot topics of seasonal respiratory disease at UoD
Feb. 7, 2018, 8:32 p.m.

A symposium entitled (scientific debate on hot topics of seasonal respiratory disease) has been held on Monday (5/2/2018) by the college of pharmacy and in collaboration with (AstraZeneca) company. The symposium involved 3 important topics as following: Avian virus that was presented by Dr. Muayad Aghali Mirza (the Dean of the College of Pharmacy), Management of Asthma that was presented by Dr Hushyar Mohammed Salih (Head of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Department), and finally a topic on the Brand and Generic Drugs was presented by Dr Mustafa Kharuffa (Product Specialist at AstraZeneca ). The symposium was ended by a scientific discussion of the speakers and audiences under the supervision of Dr Zeki A Muhammed (the chairman of the symposium).