President of UoD participates in the IAU Conference in Malaysia
Dec. 4, 2018, 7:08 p.m.

IAU 2018 International Conference on Higher Education Partnerships for Societal Impact took place on 13-15 November in Malaysia. Prof. Mosleh Duhoky, the President of the University of Duhok participated in this conference. The theme of this International Conference is “Higher education partnerships for societal impact” , in the conference the IAU invites its members, the global higher education communities, and their partners to reflect on and discuss their mandate and social responsibility, while presenting different forms of partnerships adopted around the world and for what societal impact. The conference also became a venue to discuss the challenges and obstacles related to delivering on the third mission of universities.

The President of the University of Duhok Prof. Duhoky attended a regular meeting of the IAU board member on the 12 & 13 of November 2018 in Kuala Lampur. It is worth mentioning that Prof. Duhoky was elected to be a member of the IAU board representing Iraq and some neighboring countries.