PASCAL Networks Seminar
July 21, 2022, 11:47 a.m.

What is the PASCAL observatory and what can it offer Duhok City and region?

a) The PASCAL observatory in lifelong learning is an international project which focusses on the role of cities and various city partners working together to promoting lifelong learning. This session will provide information on the PASCAL learning cities project and will be followed by a zoom meeting with partner university from across the world including UK, USA, Australia and the Philippines.

b) Learning Cities and their Economic Futures

Discussion about the various PASCAL learning network groups and a meeting with partners in the’ Re-imagining Economic futures’ network.

Other Activities

I would hope to promote the building of new and improved links between Duhok and Glasgow. In this respect, I am wiling to set up additional introductory meetings with colleagues and organizations both within and in partnership with the university.

Dr. Rob Mark is a Senior Honorary Research Fellow and Associate Tutor at the University of Glasgow. He holds the post of Learning Cities Coordinator for the PASCAL Observatory which is focused on Place Management, Social Capital and Lifelong Learning within the School of Education. He teaches on programmes and supervises student research in a range of programmes within the School of Education at Glasgow University and in the Higher Education Research Centre at Dublin City University. He was a former editor in chief for the Adult Learner journal (Ireland) and on the Steering group for the European university Continuing Education network where he participated in a number of European funded projects. Previously, he was Head of the Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of Strathclyde and Director of Education and Research at Queen’s University Belfast. He also worked in schools, further and higher education sectors and in the community sector

Dr Mark's research interests focus on the broad field of education and lifelong learning. He has contributed to research and teaching in the following areas: policy and practice in European and international contexts, access to higher education, teacher education and community learning, literacy, and social justice. He has coordinated a range of European funded projects including Adult Learning and Participating in Education (ALPINE) and Literacy & Equality in Irish Society (LEIS) He has contributed to projects on the theme of age-friendly university, inter-generational learning and engagement with students from different cultures and backgrounds in education. Working in cooperation with the European Museums Academy he recently was involved with a European Funded project focusing on heritage and its impact on society.

23 May PASCAL Networks Seminar  

Developing Links between Duhok and Glasgow through the PASCAL Observatory. Lecture

followed by zoom meeting with PASCAL Observatory Global Networks Chaired by Rob Mark

14pm – 17pm hours( 3 hours).

25 May Online Seminar – Promoting Economic Futures in a Post COVID and Post Conflict

Global World With Member of the ‘Re-imagining Economic Futures’ PASCAL Network Group,

11am - 14pm Iraq time (3hr.)