Graduation Ceremony for College of Spatial Planning & Applied Science
May 25, 2017, 1:15 p.m.

In the presence of the president of Duhok University, Dr. Moslih Mohammad Saeed Duhoky, the university board and teachers of College of Spatial Planning & Applied Science, a graduation ceremony for the first Undergraduates students Group of the Spatial Planning Department was held according to a joint program between the University of Duhok and the German Technical University of Dortmund.

 Dr. Duhoky, President of the university said that today we witness an important day in the history of the University of Duhok as the scientific relations of the University moved to another stage. For the first time in Kurdistan region and Iraq joint certificates with German university will be issued for students and this is a pride for Kudistan region in general and Duhok University in particular.

The president added that as the German government support peshmarga with providing them with weapons and military training, it also supports the region universities and especially Duhok University scientifically and technologically through providing a two joint scientific departments (Special Education Department at College of Basic Education and Spatial Planning Department at College of Spatial Planning & Applied Science) and an institution of (psychological treatment) with their universities. Our university has good relations with German universities, scientific and academic establishments especially with (DAD Organization) which play a good role in many scientific activities at Duhok University like supporting the establishment of Planning Department. 

Joint certificates are great scientific achievement for Duhok University at this time. Dr. Moslih mentioned that Dortmund University has a good experience in technology, and we as Duhok University and Planning Department will benefit from this experience at Spatial Planning. Our country needs this specialization more than any time before for planning new built, re planned and reconstruction areas and places.

Reconstruction and development if accompanied with scientific and academic plan will lead to better and faster achievements. Now Many Kurdish areas especially those where wars have occurred need a quick construction with scientific plan and that is why spatial planning is significant for the region nowadays.

Our university always puts science at community service and aims to establishe colleges, departments and centers that are important and necessary for the community. Recently the University of Duhok has opened some unique departments and will continue to do so in the future. Dr. Moslih ensures that the financial crisis in Kurdistan has affected all sectors of the region .Our university has also affected in terms of construction of buildings and laboratories but not in the scientific and academic relations as it always continue in progressing forward. So many thanks to all people who always support university of Duhok.

Dr. Moslih concluded by expressing his gratitude to peshmarga forces who sacrifice their lives to protect our country and offered thousands of martyrs to preserve peace and security in the region. Mercy on all Kurdish martyrs’ soul and we promise them as teachers and students to continue their mission through our knowledge and science to achieve peace and bright future for the country. We will continue to serve the region until we achieve our great hope of an independent Kurdistan, so we need to support referendum project to see this hope come true. 

Then students recite swear for loyalty to work after Dr.Mevan Badi, Vice-president for student affairs and got their graduation certificates.