Fostering Coexistence and Intercultural Understanding through a 2-day Visit to Akre
Feb. 13, 2024, 10:33 a.m.

Continuing in conducting pro-coexistence activities, a 2-day visit to Akre district was paid in the framework of the project: “Ninewa Plains: Towards Agricultural Restoration, Support to Traditional Cultural Practices in Ninewa Plains”. Uniting people from different backgrounds and religious group from Ninewa Plain, four people from each group, the project’s team organized this remarkable visit on February 2-3, 2024.

This activity basically aimed at increasing interaction and communication among different communities in a manner that fosters peace. The visit included several activities such as travelling, dining, meeting and having discussions, all together. Clrearly, understanding and knowing each other increased among the participants.

Thus, it was found out that bringing all communities together and closer to each other help in having a better atmosphere for peaceful coexistence and make the Ninewa Plain a better place to live in.

UOD Media, February 8, 2024

Fatima Mahmood

Photo Credits: hussein titimy