Consul General of the USA in Kurdistan Visits UoD
Dec. 22, 2018, 10:42 a.m.

The Consul General of the USA in Kurdistan Mr. Steve Fagin and his team made a visit to the University of Duhok on the 4th of Dec. 2018. He was received and welcomed by Prof. Mosleh Duhoky the president of the University of Duhok.

Prof. Duhoky started the meeting with an introduction about the University of Duhok in which he talked about university history and its achievements throughout the years. He mentioned the previous different programs that the UoD created and implemented along with the American Consulate in Erbil. The Consul General mentioned his appreciation for the University of Duhok for hosting the American Corner at its premises, to serve the community inside Duhok governorate. He also highlighted the different programs that the Consulate General offers for the academic staff and students.

President Prof. Duhoky stressed on the difficulties that our academic staff, students and researchers usually face when they try to be connected with the American higher education institutions, due to the difficulties of getting the US visas. The Consul General promised to convey the message to the embassy in Baghdad.

The Consul General Mr. Steve Fagin accompanied by President Prof. Duhoky visited the American Corner at the Central Library of the University of Duhok and they met with volunteer students and they discussed their different activities.