An Iftar has been prepared for the students in the accommodations at the Duhok University
May 29, 2019, 11:48 a.m.

     On 26 May 2019, in the Student Center at Duhok University with the presence of Deans, Lecturers, and students of the Duhok University; the Presidency of Duhok University with the collaboration of the 1st Branch of Kursdistan Democratic Party has prepared an Iftar for the students in the accommodations.

In one of his words, the President of Duhok University Prof.Dr.Mosleh Duhoky refers to these kinds of gathering and illustrates that today an Iftar has been prepared for the students in the accommodations; because students have their final exams and they live in the accommodations. When a student is doing his exams, his time should be for studying.

Afterthat, Mr.Sarbast  Trwanshy, a member of Party Leadership Board and the representative of the 1st Branch in this gathering and for the occasion of Gulan Advanced Revolution; gives a speech to the audience and indicates that Gulan Revolution started from zero ,with the leadership of the President Masud Barzany has made hope for all four pieces of Kurdistan. Also Gulan Revolution has destroyed the wall of fear that at that time the strength of the Revolution was Barzany’s Principle, Revolution’s dogmas, the will of the poor people of Kurdistan, and Peshmerge’s morality .Once again, he indicates that students were a very important part of the Revolution; for that reason the duty of challenging the oppression of history is the student’s responsibility.