The 3rd Scientific International Conference of Law
Feb. 14, 2019, 8:59 p.m.

Currently Kurdistan Region and Iraq faces several and diverse problems, some of them backdated to the days of last regime and others are aroused after regime change in 2003, which are remained unresolved and still waiting for realistic solutions. Therefore we find it very critical to conduct an international conference in order to develop political and legal ideas that can help resolving them. Legislations and good governance rules are considered the key points in eliminating hurdles that interrupt determining suitable solutions and preventing to grow bigger and spread negative impacts. The rule of law and Abiding by it is the key notion in constructing the foundations for the state of citizenship and institutions as well as fulfilling the aim of the laws in justice and fairness. The Legislations and political programs must be consistent with fast and vibrant community developments, especially that there are no real and honest political will to deal with current problems as well as downgrading the role of legislations in confronting our problems and issues. The need for adapting policy that embrace the values of a civil and democratic state that follow a balanced internal and foreign policy that are guided by the rule of law and good governance, in order create a society that enjoy peace and progress.