The lecturer at UoD (Dr. Shawnam Ahmed) passed away

A Lecturer of UoD Passed away

              On 25th of June, at Vienna city, in Austria Country  Dr.Shawnim Ahmad Wais passed away. She was a lecturer at College of Medicine and specialized in Gynecology and Childbirth.

Dr.Shawnim Ahmad Wais was born in 1965 in Baghdad city and in 1988 received the Bachelor degree in General Medicine at Mosul University.

In 1997 came to Dohuk Province as a Lecturer in the College of Medicine in UoD; and specialized in Gynecology and Childbirth in General Azadi Hospital of Training and in the Gynecology and Childbirth Department pursued her career.

After she was invited by the International Group of the Gynecology and Childbirth to participate in an International Conference in Austria Country; on 25th of June all of a sudden she passed away.