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                                        Ass. Pro. Dr. Marseel Zaya Yalda
Ass. Pro. Dr. Marseel Zaya Yalda None
  • ·        B.S.C Mosel university 1981.

    ·        M.S degree Salah ALdeen university 1999.

    ·        Ph.D Salah ALdeen university 2003.

  • * The effect of oxidation stress on foot ball players

    * The impact of plymetrics exercise in developing power of leg muscles and opened jumping on volley ball

    * The affection of the excedsine power for the down arms in three point shoot area for the female players of Sinhareeb team

    * The impact of a suggested program to develop the group skills for Sinhareeb basket ball team for ladies

    * The effect of using rubber ropes to improve speed – strength for upper limbs and the achievement of travelled throw

    * The effect of a proposed training program by using the ball throwing machine to develop the performance speed on the counter – Attack skills for table tennis players

    * The effect of using two recovery methods on some physical variables of physical variables of tennis players

    * The affection of oxygen stringing in the running achievement 30-50m for students of 11-15 years age

    * The affection of the differentiation of rest periods is accumulation operation for running 800m

  • Since 1974 I Participated in many and different sportial activities in different game, as a player or trainer.

    -           1974       I was play in Ninewah education school team in foot       ball.

    -           1975       I was the first in the activity of running  400m in Mosel.

    -           1978       I played with Mosel university team in foot ball, also is the same year I was the hero of the university in running 400m.

    -           1979       I got the second place in the race of all the Iraqi universities.

    -           1979       I was the first in Mosel and all the northern area in 400m running.

    -           1980       I was elected to the Iraqi team in reining 400m.

    ·        As trainer I trained Sinhareeb Club teams in volley ball and hand ball for both men and ladies and our gat the champion of the Region and Iraq.

    ·        from 1993-2011 I got the golden cup of volley ball and basket ball and hand ball in Duhok university.

    ·        I was one of the foundation committee to Sinhareeb club in Duhok in 1998.

    ·        In the champion of 2003 of west Asia in Syria I went with the Iraqi team as an administrator.

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