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                                        Dilan Jasim khalil
Dilan Jasim khalil ____________________________
General biology / molecular biology
  • BSc in 2002/agriculture /Duhok university /Iraq-kurdistan

    M.Sc. general science/gaziantep university /turkey

  • Research Title


    1- Xmn1 polymorphism in B- thalassemic paition in Duhok , Duhok medical Journal \ 5-6-2012

    2- Identification of some genomic markers for detection of thyroid cancers by RAPD Technology Journal of Koya 2012

    3 A variant Sp1 (R218Q) transcription factor might enhance

    HbF expression in β0-thalassaemia homozygotes / British journal haematology (BJH)\27\2\2017

    4- Absence of sp1 transcription factor variant in 102 iraqi patients with beta thalassemia intermedia/ Duhok Medical Journal / 8-5-2017

    5 ‘ HBG2 -158 (C>T) polymorphism and its contribution to Fetal Hemoglobin variability in Iraqi Kurds with β-thalassemia Minor

    Journal of Laboratory Physicians/ June 17, 2018

  • Molecular biology , genetic engineering, cell line culture

  • Molecular biology , animal physiology , general biology

  • Title of Certification



    HLA typing – Serology and DNA

    BAG Health care of D-35423 Germany-in Scientific Research Center- Dohuk University

    28th April. 2009

    Loss of heterozygosity of 21q11-22 region in colorectal cancer

    Health and science postgraduate conference \ Malaysia

    June 10-11, 2014

    Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons contaminants wastewater for Baiji thermal power station in Iraq

    2 nd international conference on environmental science and technology – side. Antalya\ turkey

    May 14-17, 2014

    Analysis of loss of heterozygosity on 20q11-13 chromosome region in bladder cancer

    5 th Turkish medical oncology conference. Antalya\ Turkey

    March 19-23, 2014

    5 th Kurdistan international conference on science and technology

    University of Dohuk – SCINCE COLLEGE

    24-24 may 2019

    Workshop on DNA sequencing Technology


    Workshop “general DNA technology” 2022

    Work shop of nanotechnology 2022

    Work shop of general DNA technology , may 2022


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