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                                        Muhammad Amin Sadiq Murad
Muhammad Amin Sadiq Murad ____________________________
Applied Mathematics
  • 2014 MSc in Mathematics, Swansea University, UK

    2009 BSc in Mathematics, Salahaddin University Iraq

  • 1-Property Claim Services by Compound Poisson Process And Inhomogeneous Levy Process.

    2-Optimal Production of Bra Block Factory by Using Simplex Method.

    3-A New Conjugate Gradient Coefficient for Unconstrained Optimization Based On Dai-Liao.

    4-One-, two- and three-soliton, periodic and cross-kink solutions to the -D variable-coefficient KP equation.

    5-Various exact wave solutions for KdV equation with time-variable coefficients.

    6-M-lump, interaction between lumps and stripe solitons solutions to the (2+ 1)-dimensional KP-BBM equation.

    7-M-lump waves and their interaction with multi-soliton solutions for a generalized Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation in (3+ 1)-dimensions.

    8-Computational Technique for the Modeling on MHD Boundary Layer Flow Unsteady Stretching Sheet by B-Spline Function.

    9-Boiti–Leon–Manna–Pempinelli equation including time-dependent coefficient (vcBLMPE): a variety of nonautonomous geometrical structures of wave solutions.

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Numerical Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Operation research, Linear Algebra

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