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                                        Dr. Soleen Saeed Ahmed
Dr. Soleen Saeed Ahmed ____________________________
Physical Chemistry
  • 2019, PhD. in Physical Chemistry, Science College, University of Zakho, Kurdistan/ Iraq

    2010, MSc. in Physical Chemistry, Education College, University of Duhok, Kurdistan/ Iraq

    2006, BSc in Chemistry, Education College, University of Duhok, Kurdistan/ Iraq

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    1. Marwan Khalil Qader*, Veyan Taher Seleman and Soleen Saeed Ahmed, ‘’ The inhibitory effect of some dinuclear metal complex on clinical isolates of gram positive and gram negative bacteria’’ International Journal of Microbiology and Immunology Research Vol. 1(7), pp. 061-064, September 2013 Available online at ISSN 2327-7769 ©2013 Academe Research Journals.

    1. Veyan Taher Seleman1, Vian Yamin Jarjes1, Zuzan Ezzulddin Mahmood1, Soleen Saeed Ahmed1, Marwan Khalil Qader, “Study Effects of Plants Extracts on the Growth of Clinical Spices of Bactria and Fungi”, American Journal of Food Science and Health, Vol. 2, No. 6, 2016, pp. 156-160. ISSN: 2381-7216 (Print); ISSN: 2381-7224 (Online).

    1. S. S. Ahmed and L. A. Jamil, "Standard Potential of the Silver-Silver Chloride Electrode in X% Ethylene Glycol - Water Mixtures at Different Temperatures," 2018 International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE), 2018, pp. 403-408, doi: 10.1109/ICOASE.2018.8548834.
    2. Soleen S. Ahmed, Lazgin A. Jamil and Yousif Z. Yousif, Determination Of Thermodynamic Stability Constants For 1:1 Complexes Of Cu(Ll) With 2-Hydroxybenzoic Acids In Aqueous Media Using Cu(Ii) Ion Selective Electrode, Academic Journal of Science,CD-ROM. ISSN: 2165-6282 :: 2(2):409–423 (2013)Copyright c© 2013 by

  • Removing of dangerous dyes from waste water

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