Academic Staff

                                        HAZHI HASAN HUSSEIN
Assistant Lecturer / Coordinator
Physical Chemistry
  • 2017 MSc in Physical Chemistry, University of Duhok, Iraq

    2009 BSc in Chemistry, University of Salahaddin, Iraq

  • Physical Chemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Photochromism

  • Teaching undergraduate courses in Laboratory of Chemistry:

    - Organic Chemistry Laboratory for 2nd and 3rd Stage Students as Assistance Chemist.

    - Identification of Organic compound Laboratory for 4th Stage Students as Assistance


    - Physical chemistry laboratory (Kinetic and Electrochemistry for 3rd Stage Students) as

    Assistance Lecturer Since 2017 and still on.

    Teaching theoretical undergraduate courses of Chemistry:

    - Inorganic Chemistry for 1st Stage students.

    - Inorganic Chemistry for 2nd Stage students

    - Physical Chemistry for 3rd Stage students.

  • - The of Academic Capacity Development (Teaching Methods and Research Methodology) at

    University of Duhok for the period of Six Months (from 5-November-2016 to 7-May-2017).

    - 2nd international BIONIQ Summer School Esentepe, Cyprus, 2nd-11th of September 2018.

    - Implementing Entrepreneurship in the Curriculum for in-service teachers [Edupreneurship

    ToT] from 14.04.2019 to 20.06.2019 (28 days).

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