Academic Staff

                                        Fatma Mohammed Jabar
Fatma Mohammed Jabar
Assistant Lecturer
    • 2006 Master's degree in analytical chemistry, the University of  Dohuk.
    • 1995 Bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Mosul department of chemistry in 1995.
    1. "Correlation of density, viscosity and conductivity of Tawky–Zakho crude oil with temperature" by S.A Naman, Fatma M, Abdul-Jabbar*, F.S Al-Ghulami , Journal of Petroleum and Gas Exploration Research (ISSN 2276-6510) Vol. 2(5) pp. 101-105, Accepted  15  May, 2012 Available online .

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    • Practical analytical chemistry 
    • Theoretical and practical 
    • Practical Instrumental chemistry 
    • Practical  Pharmacy Chemistry 
    • Employed as demonstrator
    • participating as interviewer 


  • Undergraduate Projects

    • Title   Different method to determination of chloride ion concentration in water sample.

          - Name  KawarFarsat Ali  
          -Date   Unknown

    • Title  Determination of pesticide in water sample.

          - Name  Zindan Younis Ameen
          -Date   Unknown

    • Title   Determination  of Pesticide using Gas Chromatography

          - Name  Sepal  R. Ahamed
          -Date   Unknown

  • Training courses

    • 1998 Biochemistry  analysis  course in the Azadi  Hospital.
    • 2007 TOFEL preparation course in the Training center/ University of Dohuk.
    • 2011 Chemoffice  course in the Faculty of Science / University of Dohuk.


  •   009647504551258

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