Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Ahlam Mohammad Nori  Yahya
Dr. Ahlam Mohammad Nori Yahya
Assistant Proffesor
Organic Chemistry
    • 2004 Ph.D. Synthesis of Some Derivatives of aryl sulfonanilides of ethyl 4- aminobenzoate .
    • 1992 M.Sc. The application of acidic hydrogen containing compounds in organic synthesis .
    • 1981 B.Sc. General chemistry, Department of Chemistry College of science, University of Mosul.
    1. Condensation of substituted Acetophenones and cyclic ketones with meth l-2-octynoate.Rawa Ghyath Al-Dean and Ahlam M.N.Yaha.J.of Edu., &Sci Vol.22,1994.
    2. Synthesis of some heterocyclic compounds from amidoxime and imidate .Ahlam M.N.Yahya,Raf.J.Sci., Vol.19, No.3, PP.59-68,2008.
    3. Synthesis of some N-Aryl-P-toluene sulfonamide compounds Mohammad A. A. Al-Iraqi and Ahlam M.N.Yahya, Raf.J. Sci., Vol .20 ,pp.58-68,2009.
    4. Synthesis and study of antibacterial activity of some new bis 1,3,4-oxadazole derivatives .Gazwan H.A.Al- Somaidaie , Kamal M.F.Al-Janaby and Ahlam M.N. Yahya ,Tikrit J. of  pure Sci., Vol.14, No.(1), 2009.
    5. 5. Synthesis of some fused heterocyclic compounds from α-bromo indawne and tetralones. Ahlam M.N.Yahya and Akram N.M ., Accepted in Raf .J .Sci.Vol.21 No.4 pp39-48 ,2010.

    • Organic Chemistry

    • Lecturer of Organic Chemistry 2nd &3rd class for under graduate
    •  Lecturer of Organic Chemistry 4th class Natural products(Optional)
    • Lecturer of Organic Chemistry for MSc students Advance  Organic Chemistry& Natural products [1997-2012 university of Mousl ][2013-till now university of Duhok]
    • Lecturer of Organic Chemistry for PhD student Heterocyclic Synthesis & Reactions 2019-2020
    •  Lecturer of Organic Chemistry 3rd class for under graduate 2019-2020

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