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                                        Anwar Hadi Abdullah
Anwar Hadi Abdullah ____________________________
Assistant Lecturer
  • 2017 MSc in Biochemistry, Duhok University, Iraq/ Kurdistan Region

    2012 BSc in Chemistry, Duhok University, Iraq/ Kurdistan Region

    • A kinetic and isotherm study on removing methylene blue from aqueous solutions by oxidized cellulose nanostructure

    • Taguchi L25 (54) Approach for Methylene Blue Removal by Polyethylene Terephthalate Nanofiber-Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Composite

  • Nano biochemistry



    Oxidative stress




  • Chemistry 3rd Class Practical Biochemistry

    Chemistry 2nd Class Practical Inorganic Chemistry

    Chemistry 3rd Class Practical Organic Chemistry

    Chemistry 4th Class Practical Instrumental Analysis

    Biology 2nd Class Practical Biochemistry

    Dentistry 1st Class Theoretical and Practical Biochemistry

    • 5th Kurdistan International Conference On Science And Technology

    • 5th World Forum for women in Science without borders

    • 2nd scientific conference of college of veterinary medicine

    • Bioinformatics applications in biological science
    • Nanomaterials technology and it is different applications
    • UOD peer project to open the door for nanotechnology field

    • Pedagogical training for teacher provisional development

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