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                                        Dr. Noor Ahmed Mohammed
Dr. Noor Ahmed Mohammed None
    • 2011 - M.Sc. In Biology (Histology), University of Zakho, Collage of Education, Iraq.
    • 2006 - B.Sc. In Biology, University of Duhok, Collage of Education, Iraq.
    • PhD in molecular toxicology               

    1. Waheed I.N. and Mohammed N. A. (2011). In vitro maturation of mice Ovarian follicles. Proceeding of the 3rd International Scientific Conference of Salahdin University- Erbil. October 18-20. Pp: 562-567.
    2. Al-Brifkany N. A. and Waheed I.N. (2011): Histological studies of the effect of vitrification protocols on the mouse ovarian tissue. Zanko J. of Pure and Applied Sciences. Vol. 23 (3). Pp:133- 146.
    3. The protection role of regucalcin against doxorubicin hepatotoxicity (under the process of publication).a

  • I am experienced in research design and competent in collecting and analysing data. I have extensive experience of qualitative methods including Cell Culture, Cell Freezing,MTT assay, Western and Blot, growing bacteria, Transformation, protein estimation and purification, Transfection,DNA gel electrophoresis, Enzyme assay, Elisa, comet assay, Flow cytometry, Slide preparation, Time lapse as well as using a range of microscopy (Light,Confocal,Florescence).

    • Toxicology
    • Histology

  • Conference presentation

    • Poster presentation CENTA conference, UK,Birmingham, August, 2015.
    • Poster presentation IVTS conference,UK,Birmingham, November, 2015.
    • Talk presentation in Pharmacology and ethnopharmacology,U.S.A. May, 2016.
    • 5th Kurdistan international conference on science and technology,April,2019

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