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                                        Kaveen Salim Khalid Mustafa
Kaveen Salim Khalid Mustafa None
Assistant Lecturer
    • 2015 MSc, Microorganisms and Viruses Causing Diarrhea in Infants and Primary School Children and their Association, with SomeFactors.
    • 2010 BSc, Faculty of Science Biology Dep. University of Duhok- Kurdistan Region
  • 1. My research published in Internatinal journal of Research in Medical Sciences  Mero WMS et al.Int J Res Med Sci. 2015 Nov :3(11):Pissn 2320- 6071  eISSN2320-6012

    • General parasitology
    • Advanced parasitology
    • Molecular parasitology
    • Microbiology .

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  • Contributions in International and National Conferences:

    • Workshop on EndNote X4 of Zakho University, Faculty of science on 28th-29th / May 2013/ Zakho/Kurdistan Region/ Iraq.
    • Workshop/ scientific writing and publishing on 2013/11/27 ZakhoUniversity, Faculty of science/Kurdistan Region/ Iraq.
    • Workshop for exam graduated researches biology department on 26-27-28/5/2015 in Zakho University.
    • Workshop for exam graduated researches biology department on 8/6/2016 in Zakho University.

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