Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Delveen Ramdan Ibrahim
Dr. Delveen Ramdan Ibrahim ____________________________
Microbiology and Microbial Genetics
  • 2017, PhD in Microbiology and Microbial Genetics, University of Nottingham, UK.

    2006, MSc in Microbiology, University of Mosul, Iraq.

    2003, BSc in Microbiology/Biology, University of Mosul, Iraq.

    1. Delveen R. Ibrahim and Muhsin A. Essa. (2010): Sensitivity of Bacteria Isolated from Blood of Leukemia Patients Against Antibiotics and some Antineoplastic Drugs and the Bactericidal Activity of Leukemia Patients Serum. Rafidain J. Science.21.(2): 62-80.

    1. Waheed I. N., Ibrahim D. R. and Ameen A. A. M. (2011): Neural cell differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells isolated from human umbilical cord blood: In Vitro. Rafidain J. Science. 22.(4): 26-38.

    1. Najlaa K. Issa; Rihan S.Abd-Aljabar, Delveen R.Ibrahim (2012). Phytochemical and antibacterial investigation of some plant extracts. J. Duhok Univ. (Pure and Eng. Sciences). 15.(1): 153-158.

    1. Ibrahim, D.R., Dodd, C.E., Stekel, D.J., Ramsden, S.J. and Hobman, J.L., (2016). Multidrug resistant, extended spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli isolated from a dairy farm. FEMS microbiology ecology,92(4), p.fiw013

    1. GHARIB , S.J., IBRAHIM, D.R. and ABDULLAH, S.K. (2022). Molecular Identification of two Isolates of Nannizia Fulva Causing Tinea Capitis in Iraq. pjmhs22161735.

  • My research interest areas are on the following projects:

    ➢ Investigating the type of antimicrobial resistance bacteria from different sources

    ➢ Mobile genetic element and their relation to resistance genes

    ➢ Bacterial genome analysis using different Bioinformatics tools

    ➢ Developing new methods in identification and typing of bacteria that is cost effective and rapid.

  • ➢ Assistant Lecturer (2006-2011)

    School of Science/ Biology Department/Duhok University/Kurdistan Region/Iraq

    lecturing in different practical subjects related to Biology such as Microbiology, Zoology, Cell biology, Histology, Immunology and Medical bacteriology.

    ➢ Lecturer (2016-now)

    School of Science/Biology Department/Duhok University/Kurdistan Region/Iraq

    Since I started my job again I’m lecturing Microbiology, theoretical, for second stage students.

  • Conferences:

    • SfAM Activated Sludge Meeting "Control of water-borne disease: A century of the activated sludge sewage treatment process”. The Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester, UK on 1 and 2 April 2014, attendance.
    • 24th International ICFMH conference, FOOD MICRO 2014, Nantes, France. Poster presentation
    • The 2nd International Scientific Conference for Kurdistan students, Nottingham University, UK, 15th September 2014. Poster presentation.
    • 3rd International Symposium on the Environmental Dimension of Antibiotic Resistance which held in 17 May - 21 May 2015 – Wernigerode/Germany. Poster presentation.
    • Antibiotic resistance and Antibiotic alternatives conference by Euroscicon, 3rd of November 2015, O2 Peninsula Square London, United Kingdom. Poster presentation.
    • SfAM Postgraduate and Early Career Scientists (PECS) Research Conference, 13 October 2014, the Royal Society of Medicine, London. Oral presentation.
    • Antimicrobial Resistance Meeting by SFAM on 7 of December 2015 at Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London. Attendance.
    • The 5th World Forum for Women in Science without Border on 10/03/2021. , University of Duhok Seminar Presenter.
    • 2nd Scientific Conference of College of Veterinary Medicine bu the University of Dohuk on 1/ 6/2021, Online attendance.
    • International applied Microbiology online conference by SFAM on 7/11 of July 2021. Online conference accredited by CPD. Attendance.

    • I attended different training courses and workshops in the university of Nottingham(UK) including the followings:
    1. Producing Charts in Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the 29/01/2013
    2. Essential information skills for new researchers 14/02/2013
    3. Endnote introduction for refencing and citing 26/02/2013
    4. Creating poster in power point 08/01/2014
    5. Demonstrating in laboratory practicals 24/01/2014
    6. Presentation skill for researchers 31/01/2014
    7. How to get your research published on the 19/03/2014
    8. Creating and Managing Long Documents in Microsoft Word on the 24/03/2014
    9. Making and assessment 07/11/2014
    10. Emergency first aid 12/11/2014
    11. Three days statistical course, Nottingham university, School of Bioscience, presented by prof. Rob Linforth. 2012
    12. Chromatographic methods for protein purification workshop.
    13. Microarray application workshop.
    14. Whole Genome sequencing analysis using Artemis workshop.

    Besides, there are many others training course that I contribute to in UoD and online with international organiazitions (such as Detecting, responding to and reporting biological outbreaks, which is internationally accredited by IACET)

    • I Passed a preparatory English course from the Centre for English language preparation (CELE) Nottingham university/UK (WITH DISTINCTION) from (06/10/2011 to 29/06/2012).


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