Academic Staff

                                        BERIVAN ABDULRAHMAN ABDULLAH
BERIVAN ABDULRAHMAN ABDULLAH ____________________________
  • BSc. Biology, University of Duhok, Duhok

    MSc. Mycology, University of Duhok, Duhok

  • 1- Abdullah, B. A. and Saadullah, A. A.M. (2015). Isolation and identification of filamentous fungi from indoor swimming pools in Duhok city. UR and IICBE International Conference Program Dec. 25-26, 2015 Dubai (UAE).

    2- Abdullah, B. A. and Saadullah, A. A.M. (2017). Isolation and Identification of Yeasts from Indoor Swimming Pools in Duhok City with Special Concern to the Effect of Some Disinfectant Agents. Science Journal of University of Zakho.5(2), 154-157.

    3- Abdullah, B. A. and Saadullah, A. A.M. (2018). Effect of type's cultures media on isolation of fungi from indoor swimming pools. Accepted in the 1st International Conference on Pure and Applied Science (ICPAS2018).

    4- Abdullah, B. A., Salih, D. T. and Saadullah, A. A.M. (2019). Antifungal Activity of Some Medicinal Plant Extracts against Some Fungal Isolates. Innovaciencia. 7 (1): 1-6.

    5- Abdullah, B. A. and Saadullah, A. A.M. (2020). Susceptibility of Some Antifungal Drugs against Selected Fungal Species Isolated From Indoor Public Swimming Pools in Duhok City, Iraq. Journal of life and bio-sciences research (Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 8 –11). ISSN: 2708-1818.

    6- Ali, S.K., Ali, G.S. and Abdullah, B. A. (2020). In vitro antibacterial activities of various ethanolic medicinal plant extracts against some human pathogenic bacteria. Turkish Journal of Agriculture - Food Science and Technology, 8(6): 1272-1276.

    • Medical Mycology.
    • Molecular mycology. Using molecular techniques for identification of fungi.
    • Toxigenic fungi.
    • Antifungal sensitivity test.
    • Study the industrial applications of fungi.

  • Mycology.

    Medical Mycology.



    Food Microbiology.

    Industrial Microbiology.


    Cell Biology.

  • 1-Assistant biologist at Gulan general Hospital- Akre

    2-Member and lecturer at the University of Duhok, Kurdistan region, Iraq.

    3-Member of the examination committee in University of Duhok/ College of Science/ Biology department.

    4-Faculty academic capacity building/ 10/1/2016-15/3/2016 Duhok/ Iraq.

    5-The 2nd International Scientific Conference/ Zaxo/Iraq.

    6-The5th Kurdistan International Conference on Science and Technology-ICST-2019/ Duhok/ Iraq.

    7- International Conference on Clinical research and Medical Science -ICCRAMS-2019/ Erbil / Iraq.

    8- Participation in workshop (Management and detection of Mycotoxins in feed and food). Iraqi association of Mycotoxins and contaminations collaborated with Arab Society of fungal conservation/ 2020/ Egypt.

    9- Participation in electronic conference (2nd Scientific Conference of College of Veterinary Medicine). 2021/ College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Duhok.

    10- Participation in electronic conference (1st scientific conference of college of health science). 2021/ Hawler Medical university.

    11-Participation in workshop (Fungi mycotoxins and mycotoxicosis). 2022/ Chemistry department / college of science/ university of Basrah.


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