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                                        Jagar Omar Ahmad Doski
Jagar Omar Ahmad Doski Member of Teaching staff
Asisstant Prof.
    • M.D.
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  • Orthopedics

    Pediatric Orthopedics

    • Teaching the orthopedic subject for College of Medicine students for 18 years.
    • Supervising and training the student for qualification and specialization for orthopedic surgery for the Kurdistanian Board for Medical Specialization. 

  • Students for specialization for orthopedic surgery for the Kurdistanian Board for Medical Specialization

  • Editorial Board Member for the following journals:

    1. Clinical Medical Reviews and Reports.
    2. Journal of Clinical Research and Analytical Reviews.
    3. American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.
    4. Acta Scientific Medical Science Journal.

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