We intend to build a model surgical department capable of meeting the intended objectives in training, research and practice.


As a surgical department we endeavor to graduate junior and postgraduate doctors who have a good knowledge, skills and attitude enabling them to deal with the common surgical conditions in a safe and scientific ways utilizing the best available medical evidence not endangering the patient's life.

Objectives of the surgical training:

The undergraduate curriculum in surgery is the basic stage of surgical training. The graduated junior doctor would be provided with the required level of knowledge and skills. We carefully select the curriculum materials from well documented sources. We provide the students with course books and encourage the student for further reading. Small groups clinical sessions are organized with expert surgeons giving the students their experience in various surgical subspecialties. These sessions aim at improving the skills of clinical examination, dealing with the patient and corporation of the theoretical information in the practice. The student must work effectively with his colleagues and ask for help whenever needed. Attitude and behavior are part of the medical education. Humanistic dealing with the patient is our goal. We are continually probing our teaching level in order to maintain a stable good level of medical education. The department also provides postgraduate training, short courses and workshops in the various surgical fields. We collaborate with the Ministry of Health, national and international institutions and agencies to provide services in public health related to our specialties.