Obstetrics and Gynecology

About the Department

The department is responsible for the teaching programs of the 4th, 5th and 6th year medical students.


The schedules for 4th year:


  • Clinical training program in the wards of obstetric to have a full knowledge, skills and attitudes. During this period the student learns how to have accurate history and clinical examination for obstetrical cases.
  • Complete syllabus in form of lectures which involve all the related objects for pregnancy and its complications. The syllabus deal with the normal physiology of pregnancy and abnormal disorders of pregnancy including bleeding, medical and surgical disorders. Lectures for understanding the process of normal labor and delivery as well as abnormality of labor and mode of treatment. This will allow the student to have a better understand for the impact of pregnancy in health and disease.


The schedules for 5th year:

Clinical training programs in the wards and the outpatients of gynecological aspects. These will provide additional information, and helps determine diagnosis and guide managements for gynecological problems. Gynecological syllabus includes the normal development of the genital system and normal physiology of the menstrual cycle with all the possible abnormalities. The lectures also involve the benign and malignant disorders of the genital system. As well as a general look on the infertility and the advanced methods of management. The program also provides full information on the sexual related problems and mode of treatment. This will allow the student to provide primary health care and preventive medicine for women in the community.

The schedules for the 6 th year: full clinical attachment to the hospital

Their training includes, labor wards, post-operative care, general obstetric and gynecological wards and outpatients clinics. Full-time training allow the student to have an idea how to deal with the medical system and way for approaching. The diagnosis and methods of treatment and the possible complications that he may face in the future. The mean aim is to have safe and well trained doctors whom they can deal with most of the emergencies problems. The Department conduct a postgraduate studies for diploma in obstetric and gynecology as a general specialist obstetrician and gynecologist. The study is attached with a research during the studied period.


To have a perfect center for the training of a high level skilled, disciplined future leads in obstetric and gynecological field, capable of providing evidence based healthcare services in different resource settings, engage in research and generation of new ideas, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge.


Our mission is based on creating an educational system targeted toward graduating competent doctors who are able to serve the community and its priority health needs in obstetric and gynecological aspects.In addition to provide a local and international, culturally appropriate environment in which the postgraduate students learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for their study and training.


To familiarize students with the concept of providing a good standard of practice and care for the patients, this includes good relationships with them and observance of ethical obligations. To provide our student with skill srelevant to Obstetrics and Gynecology to make a clinical assessment of a problem, and develop a plan of care in its widest sense. This will involve seeing patients with a range of emergency and non emergency problems related to this module, as summarized below:

·  Provide students an opportunity to practice evaluation and assess in managing cases.

·  Develop skills mandatory for examination and approaching diagnosis.   

· Provide skills essential for emergency management and treatment for critical situations.

·  Patient communication and ethical educations.