Academic Staff

                                        Berivan Osman Rasheed
Berivan Osman Rasheed Coordinator of Dept.
Community Medicine
  • 2004 MSc in Community Medicine, Duhok University, Kurdistan-Iraq
    1989 MBChB in Medicine and General Surgery

  • 1- Berivan Othman Rashid, Perjan Hashim Taha. Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of primary health care physicians, junior doctors and medical college students towards autism in Duhok, Iraq. Zanco J.Med.Sci.,Vol.25, No. (2), August, 2021,

    2- Berivan O. Rashid, Zeyad S. Al-Dabbagh, Sirwan M. Aswad, Samim A. Al-Dabbagh, Hadia N Al-Hayali. An outbreak of cutaneous leishmaniasis among internally displaced persons from the Nineveh governorate reported by Duhok Preventive Health Department from 2015 to 2017. Zanco J.Med.Sci.,Vol.24, No.(1), April, 2020,

  • Public Health and Health Prevention

  • 1-Primary Health Care / Maternal and Childhood Health Care and Family Planning .
    2- Health and Disease in Society.
    3- Health and Disease in Population.
    4- Immunization
    5- Critical Thinking and Scientific Debate
    6- Health and Safety.
    7- Medical Ethics

  • 1-Scientific Seminars on various subjects concerning Health Prevention and Epidemiology with many other medical subjects yearly about 30 to 35 seminars.
    2- Medical and Health Conferences yearly about 3-4 conferences.
    3- Workshops on Personal -Professional Development Program yearly about 15 to 20 workshops.

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