Academic Staff

                                        Ary Habeeb Mohammed
Ary Habeeb Mohammed Head of Department
Assisstant Prof.
Community Medicine
  • 2013 PhD in Community Medicine, University of Duhok, Iraq
    2007 MSc in Community Medicine, University of Duhok, Iraq
    2001 MBChB, University of Duhok, Iraq

  • 1-Knowledge of basic biostatistics and research methodology among teaching staff of medical sciences colleges at the university of Duhok
    2- Impacts of self-management education on glycaemic control in patients
    with type 2 diabetes mellitus
    3- Lead and zinc exposure in the blood of workers in municipal waste
    4- Diagnosis disclosure in patients with serious diseases
    5- Doctors’ Knowledge about MRSA in Hospitals of Duhok Province
    6- Patient Satisfaction: Family Medicine Center Compared to Ordinary Health
    7- Epidemiology of Obesity and Overweight among Children in Duhok City.

  • - Epidemiology
    - Public health
    - Medical sociology

  • - Medical terminology
    - Epidemiology
    - Biostatistics and research methodology
    - Medical Ethics
    - Medical communication skills
    - Medical sociology

  • - Banaz Waheed, High diploma in Family Medicine, 2018
    - Abdulsattar, High diploma in Family Medicine, 2022

  • Medical education workshops

  •   0750 458 0164

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