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May 13, 2023, 3:46 a.m.


The College of Political Sciences is one of the most prominent colleges of the University of Duhok. The College seeks to prepare successful administrative and political cadres in order to serve the Kurdistani society at the internal and external levels and also in any advanced studies of the sub fields of the discipline. The College consists of two main departments:

1.The Department of Political Systems and Public Policy.

2.the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy.


The mission of the College of Political Sciences is to contribute to the development of education, scientific research and the objectives of the University in a civic educational environment within a diverse student body and teaching staff. The College aspires to become one of the best colleges of political sciences in the Kurdistan region and Iraq. The College of Political Sciences believes that one of its main tasks is to pursue knowledge and understanding of the political aspects of the human endeavor, and then transfer this knowledge to others, as well as linking this knowledge to the real world in creative, critical and constructive ways to promote understanding of real interests in politics through scientific and educational methods.

Through political studies, the students explore the contexts of domestic and international conflicts over power and resources in their historical and present origins. You will also study the ethics and rules of political action, the limits of freedom and justice, and governance processes at various levels. By studying international relations and diplomacy as an independent subfield in political science, the students will study the origins and development of relations between states, particularly in the political, military, security and economic fields; the driving forces behind international cooperation and conflict; the nature of international order and security and prosperity in the international system. By studying political systems and public policies as another fundamental subfield in political science, the students will study the development of the state system and the changing nature of authority, and how to manage the state and public policy-making and the organization of relations between state authorities on the one hand and between them and the citizen on the other.


The objectives of the College are as follows:

1.By introducing students to the tools of the field of political science - its theories, concepts and methods of research - it enables students to explore power relations, institutional arrangements, socio-economic conditions, and ideological commitments that shape public policy, political action, and public debate in a diverse and globally connected society.

2.The college offers independent research courses and experiments focusing on the development of writing skills, critical thinking and active and intelligent participation in issues affecting contemporary public life.

3.The curriculum and programs of the College focus on political theory, public policy, international relations and diplomacy in the local, regional and international arena. These programs prepare students for active and effective citizenship, careers, professions, advanced training in political science and other fields. At all levels, these curricula provide students with a broad understanding of policy and how it affects their lives.

4.The college aims to educate and prepare students on how to serve the community effectively by developing their theoretical and practical skills. Thus, this will prepare them for constructive and successful participation in a complex world as success is increasingly dependent on cognitive abilities.