Academic Staff

                                        Huda Abdulqader Qasim
Huda Abdulqader Qasim None
Assistant Prof.
  • • Bachelor degree of Kurdish Language, University of Duhok, College of Arts(2001-2002).
    •MA in linguistics ( 2008 ) under the title of thesis “ Antonymy in Kurdish Language ” Kurdish Language, University of Duhok, College of Arts
    • PhD in pragmatic under the title “ Semantic and pragmatic study of idioms in Kurdish language ”Kurdish Language, University of Duhok, College of humanities

  • Scientific researches
    Date Publisher Research
    5-4-2018 3rd scientific international conference Generating the terminology of phonology in a dictionary
    of ( phonetics terms): English - Arabic - Kurdish).
    27-6-2018 Duhok university journal translation strategies of idioms in Kurdish and Persian.
    27-1-2019 Duhok university journal translation and study of idiomatic expressions between kurdish and arabic
    21-1-2019 Duhok university journal Analysis of the scientific foundations in the Kurdish lexical
    20-8-2022 Nawroz university journal Placement and Creation Styles of Terms in ( Phonetics Terms) Dictionary
    16-10-2023 Nawroz university journal The Role of Linguistic figurative in Expanding Kurdish Language Lexicology Metaphor for Example
    16-10-2023 Nawroz university journal the presupposition in the comments of social networks (Rudaw Networks as an example)
    27-1-2019 Rapereen university journal The pragmatic dimension of deixis in proverbs
    26-7-2016 Zakho university journal The Linguistic Allegory and Reproducing Lexical
    Meaning in Kurdish Language
    13-9-2018 Zakho university journal The Form and Classification of Oppositeness in Kurdish Languages
    15-12-2014 Zakho university journal Analysis of idiomatic expressions according to semantic relations

  • pragmatics

  • Semantics. morphology. phonatics. linguistic ,linguistics theory.

  • Pragmatic

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