Discussion in Conservative Department
May 4, 2023, 10:42 a.m.

In (2/5/2023) Discussion of Master Thesis for the student (Bijyan Mahdi Mustafa) higher education student in branch of (Conservative l)college of dentistry was held.The discussion committee consisted of the following:

1.Asst.Prof.Dr.Abdulkareem Ramadhan Ibrahim/ College of Dentistry/University of Duhok

2.Asst.Prof.Dr.Hawjeen Masoud Mohammed Saed/ College of Dentistry / University of Sulaymaniyah

3.Asst.Prof.Dr.Sawsan Hameed Ahmad/ College of Dentistry/ University of Musol

4.Asst.Prof.Dr.Buhar Jaaraf Sulayvani/ College of Dentistry /University of Duhok