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                                        Marwan Basheer Ismail
Marwan Basheer Ismail Teaching Staff
Soil and water conservation
  • Master (MSc.)

    1. Govay, M. B.I., 2012. Assessing Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield from Duhok Dam Catchment. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Duhok, Kurdistan- Iraq.
    2. Issazadeh L., and Marwan B.I. Govay. 2014. Reservoir sediment prediction in Duhok dam using artificial neural network and conventional methods. Indian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Life Sciences. Vol. 4 (2) April-June, 441-446.
    3. Issazadeh L., M. B.I, Barwari. V., and O. Rekani. 2014. Spatial variability of soil erodibility factor using geo-statistics method in Duhok dam watershed, Kurdistan region, Iraq. International Journal of Review in Life Sciences. Vol. 4(6), 24-28.
    4. Abdulsatar Haji Sulaiman and Marwan Basheer Ismail Govay.2014. Application of Remote Sensing Techniques for Designing Small Reservoirs in Duhok Governorate. Journal of University of Duhok., Vol. 17, No.1 (Agri. and Vet. Sciences), Pp 68-79, 2014.
    5. Issazadeh L., M.B.I. and K. Abdulqadir. 2015. Assessment Soil sedimentation potential by PSIAC Model, Sbna-2 dam catchment, Duhok, Kurdistan region, Iraq. Journal of Duhok University. In the press.
    6. Jafar T. Hameed, Haliz S. M. Ali, Govay M. B. I. 2015. Morphometric Analysis of the Sub- Watersheds in Zawita – Swaratoka Watershed Using GIS. Journal of Duhok University. In the press.

    • Soil Erosion
    • Soil conservation
    • Watershed management and Remote sensing &GIS


    • Practical experience with application Atomic absorption spectroscopy, NIR, FTIR, Gamma radiation, Flame photometer, Auto Kjeldahl and Denver Instrument.
    • Practical experience with application packages such as GIS (Geographic Information System), Remote Sensing (RS) and Google Earth Pro.
    • Experienced in using computer, Google Earth, The normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), ERDAS, Aquaveo WMS (watershed modelling system), ArcHydro, Global Mapper, Microsoft Office and internet.
    • Experienced in irrigation, irrigation system and irrigation methods.

  • Undergraduate students 3rd stage projects

    • 26th , 27th April 2016 The 2nd International Scientific Agricultural Conference Held in College of Agricultural Sciences/ University of Duhok.
    • Courses Taught for undergraduate students at Duhok University – College of Agriculture and at University of Zakho College of Science (Ecology dept.).
    • Teaching practical soil erosion and conservation, Practical soil physical chemistry in Agriculture at Duhok University, Kurdistan region, Iraq, 2013 to present.
    • Teaching practical watershed Management 2012-2013; to present.
    • Teaching practical remote sensing (RS) & GIS from 2012-2013; to present.
    • Teaching practical Fundamental of Soil Sciences in Faculty of Science at Zakho University, Kurdistan region, Iraq, 2014 to present.
    • Teaching practical Fundamental of irrigation and irrigation system in Agriculture College at Duhok University, Kurdistan region, Iraq, 2014 to present.
    • Remote Sensing and GIS in Duhok Institute at Duhok Polytechnic University, Kurdistan region, Iraq, 2019 to present.

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