Academic Staff

                                        Nabaz Ibraheem Mohammed
Nabaz Ibraheem Mohammed Vice president of University of Duhok for Student Affairs
Assistant Professor
  • PhD

    • Nabaz I. Mohammed, Ph.D Thesis (2014) entitled’’ Investigating the behavior of alluvial systems, thanks to the classical, isotopic and emerging tracers. Case study of the alluvial aquifer of the Allier River (Auvergne, France).
    • Mohammed N., Celle-Jeanton H., Huneau F., Le Coustumer P., Lavastre V., Bertrand G., Charrier G., Clauzet M.L. (2014) Isotopic and geochemical identification of main groundwater supply sources to an alluvial aquifer, the Allier River valley (France). Journal of Hydrology, 508: 181–196.
    • Celle-Jeanton H., Schemberg D., Mohammed N., Huneau F., Bertrand G., Lavastre V., Le Coustumer P. (2014) Evaluation of pharmaceuticals in surface water: reliability of PECs compared to MECs. Environmental International.
    • Nabaz I. Mohammed and Karwan A. Bamarni (2019). Water quality monitoring of Duhok Dam (Kurdistan Region of Iraq). Zanco Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences.

  • Water quality

  • Water related studies

  • Trainer of Travel & Tourism course for Rawanga NGO,

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