Academic Staff

                                        Atef Eido Kheder
Atef Eido Kheder
  • 2007 MSc of veterinary Biochemistry/ University of Mosul

    • AzeezO. H., and KhederA. E., (2012).Effect of Gundeliatournefortiion some biochemical parameters in dexamethasone-induced hyperglycemic and hyperlipidemic mice, Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Vol. 26, No. 2, (73-79).
    • KhederA. E.,(2012). EffectofDexamethasoneon someliverfunction testsin Alloxane induced diabetic rats, Journal of University of Duhok,Vol.15,No.1.pp29-35.
    • Kheder A. E., (2014).Effect of Gundeliatournefortii extracton liver and muscle glycogen and liver cholesterol in Dexamethasone treated mice, accepted for publishing in journal of university of Duhok.

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