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March 8, 2023, 1:59 a.m.


The College of Health Sciences is an academic college established in 2012. The college is composed of two departments: department of Medical Laboratory Science and Anesthesia Sciences with plans for additional departments in the future.  The college seeks to provide highly trained and professional staff to fulfill the growing needs of the Kurdistan Region population.

Degree Certification

The graduates of the College of Health Sciences will be awarded a B.Sc. degree in Health Sciences. Our students will be able to work in a wide range of specialties in public and private hospitals in areas such as medical laboratories, emergency departments, operating rooms, intensive care units and other sectors. The graduates can also work with scientists in research centers and scientific institutes. The program will also prepare graduates for higher education opportunities.


The mission of our college is to prepare highly educated and competent health professionals to provide health care and professional service required to meet the challenging health sector in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


The College of Health Sciences strives to be a prominent educational organization, which produces highly qualified and trained health professionals in health care delivery for a diverse society. The College aspires to be a recognized contributor in creating and applying new knowledge and technologies to improve health outcomes through renowned programs of research.

Core Values

The Academic staff and students are committed to the following core values:

· Excellence - The College strives to achieve excellence in all of its educational, professional, scientific, and service endeavors through the highest levels of personal and intellectual standards possible (transparent, objective, integrity, ethical).

· Inclusivity and Cultural Diversity - The College strives to promote diversity and embrace opportunities for increased understanding and awareness.

· Equity and Social Responsibility - The College is committed to improving equal access to healthcare and reducing and eliminating health disparities among populations in the Kurdistan Region.

· Efficiency – The College strives to improve its programs and trainings through effective use of available resources.

· Leadership - The College promotes leadership to the college staff and students enabling them to be effective leaders in the Kurdistan Region and the world as a whole.

· Service - The College is committed to serving local, national, and international community by diversity in the provision of quality healthcare services. 


The Curriculum of the college integrates basic biomedical sciences theories and concepts with practical laboratory and hospital training in various medical specialties. This approach will lead towards solving real-world health problems by applying the outcomes of medical and practical research. 

Duration of Study

The College of Health Sciences provides students with training to obtain a B.Sc. degree in Health Sciences over a period of four years. During this period students undertake intensive theoretical and practical knowledge in varies settings. During the final years students are given a higher proportion of practical sessions to prepare them for real-world practice. The practical and clinical placement of fourth year students will be decided in liaison with the health authorities in Duhok Province.

Language of Instruction: English

The objectives

The objectives of the College of Health Sciences are to:

1.      Develop, review, and implement the curriculum by expert academists in varies specialties to provide broad direction in the medical laboratory and anesthesia sciences.

2.      Train and graduate high quality health professionals in various disciplines of biomedical sciences who are ready to contribute and enhance health services in the community.

3.      Conduct applied research in health sciences (from bench to bedside approach) and foster interactions and collaboration between our researchers and clinicians.

4.      Provide opportunities and academic pathways for postgraduate studies for the achievement of high degree awards in modern health sciences for solving modern health problems.

5.      Cooperate with other health sectors in the community to promote public health, infection control, and other health related issues.