Special Education
Jan. 30, 2023, 4:30 p.m.

About the Department

The department of Special Education is established in 2014 a year after the Kurdistan Regional Government has signed the International Convention of the Rights of Persons with Special Needs. This was the first step toward the complete fulfilment of the rights of persons with special needs that are mentioned in the Convention and the 22nd article of Kurdistan Regional Government constitution.  Since then, our department is working hard to follow the quick and qualitative development that is happening worldwide in this field and to contribute in the creation of a friendly environment for this category of people in the society by insisting in their social and academic inclusion without discrimination in the basis of


Our vision is Excellency and pioneership in the preparation of special teachers in the local and regional level.


To prepare scientifically and professionally well qualified teachers committed to their job and believe in their mission, which is teaching people with special needs and prepare them for successful academic and professional life.


Our department aims to:

  1. Provide students with the practical and theoretical knowledge that will allow them to teach pupils with disability as well as gifted ones.
  2. Grow positive attitudes towards people with special needs.
  3. To keep students updated about the latest researches and findings in the field of special education and to be able of self-education.
  4. Train the students about the scales and diagnostic methods of various disabilities.


Our Department is currently involved in two cooperation projects as mentioned bellow:

  1. Cooperation and exchange of Knowledge with the University of Carl von Ossietzky in Oldenburg/ Germany funded by (DAAD) since 2014.The project is called (Qualification for Inclusive Education Iraq) consists of exchanging scientific visits of teachers and (sometimes) students in both universities. From 2019 the program is expanded to include another German University (Vechta) and other four Iraqi Universities which are ( Zaxo, Garmian, Kufa and Mosul) and it is in action till now
  2. Cooperation and exchange of Knowledge with the University Hamburg and other four Iraqi and Iranian universities in the field of (Counselling in the Field of Disability).
  3. In the 22nd of September 2021 a Seminar was hold in the Department by the director of the Special Education institutes in Dohuk Governorate about the situation of the institutes and the nature of their work.