April 16, 2018, 1:28 p.m.

About the English Language Department

The English Language Department of the College of Basic Education was established in the academic year 2001to pursue the needs of a rapidly growing market in Kurdistan Region of Iraq following the fall of dictatorial regime which ushered a new era of political and economic development in the region.

The English Language Department offers a four-year undergraduate major in English language. The staff is committed to adopt learner-centered approaches of teaching; many of them have earned their degrees in TESOL/TEFL, literature, translation and phonology specialties and some of them hold academic titles as assistant professors who also offer a PhD in Applied Linguistics in the department.

The program in our department is tailored to prepare students to become basic school teachers (Primary, Secondary & High School) to teach the young and adolescents English language courses, basics of English literature, pedagogy, principles of education and psychology, cultural awareness, and relevance to the teaching contexts of the Kurdistan region job market. Accordingly, they are intended to enhance their skills in English language pedagogy. The students take courses in speaking, writing, English literature, linguistics, English grammar, methods of teaching English, developmental psychology, principles of education, Evaluation and measurement, and testing and/or assessment. After taking such rigorous, useful and comprehensive courses and when they graduate, the students are eligible to become basic school English language teachers.

Mission of the Department

The English Language Department in College of Basic Education in the University of Duhok helps students build knowledge of the content and methods of English language pedagogy, literature and education courses, TESOL, English education, spoken English, written English, the use of technology tools in English language teaching, assessment, and academic writing. The staff is committed to use English as the language of instruction in the classes and adopt the most recent materials and methods of English language teaching to prepare students professionally (for the needs of the job market) and for lifelong teaching and learning.

Vision of the Department

The English Language Department aims at the following:

  • To prepare skillful primary and secondary school English language teachers.
  • To prepare English language teachers who can manage the classes, use the resources (human, material and technology) in the classroom effectively.
  • To raise the English language teachers’ awareness about the importance of the English language as a global language through which they can best serve their Kurdish language and literature.
  • To make them able to do their post-graduate studies successfully.
  • To strengthen their confidence about the value and quality of the skills they acquired in the department that which will guarantee better job opportunities in a highly competitive job market.

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