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ECTS credits

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a Bologna process tool for making studies and courses more transparent and easier to transfer thus helping to enhance the quality of higher education.

ECTS credits express the volume of learning based on the defined learning outcomes and their associated workload.

60 ECTS credits are allocated to the learning outcomes and associated workload of a full-time academic year.

Workload is an estimation of the time needed to complete all learning activities such as lectures, seminars, projects, practical work, work placements and individual study required to achieve the defined learning outcomes in formal learning environments.

Normally, a full-time academic year workload ranges from 1,500 to 1,800 hrs, which means that one credit corresponds to 25 to 30 hours of work.

Allocation of ECTS credits is the process of assigning a number of credits to qualifications, degree programmes or single educational components.

Credits are allocated to educational components, such as:

  • course units
  • dissertations
  • work-based learning
  • work placements

Credits are allocated according to the estimated workload required to achieve the defined learning outcomes for each component.

60 ECTS credits per full-time academic

Awarding credits in ECTS is the act of formally granting students the credits after they have completed the required learning activities and achieved the defined learning outcomes, as evidenced by appropriate assessment.

Accumulation of credits in ECTS is the process of collecting credits awarded for achieving the learning outcomes of educational components. A student can accumulate credits in order to:

  • obtain qualifications
  • document personal achievements for lifelong learning purposes.

Transfer of credits is the process of having credits awarded in one context (programme, institution) recognised in another formal context for the purpose of obtaining a qualification.

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