Training Program for staff of Spatial Planning Department
Feb. 9, 2016, 10:47 p.m.

Nine staff members of  the Spatial Planning department/ College of Spatial Planning and Applied Science attended a one week training program in TU-Dortmund University in Germany, as part of the PLIQ program under DAAD agreement with Duhok University.

The two weeks programme had to be shortened to one week for travel related complications. The training programme included intensive course of teaching methods, and discussions about the CO- teaching activity between the two universities staff, as well as the on- line Co- teaching activity using the Moodle software. This course was useful for staff to gain knowledge in new trends of teaching to enrich the Bachelor program of Spatial Planning with a joint certificate between Duhok and Tu-Dortmund universities. The participants of the Workshop arrived in Dortmund. After a warm welcome and getting some rest they visited the local area and other places in the region.