The First Scientific Forum of Beşikҫi Center
May 3, 2018, 7:09 p.m.

The first scientific forum was held by Beşikҫi Center for Humanity Studies (BCHS)at the University of Dahuk on 25-26 April 2018 under the heading of “Research and humanitarian studies centres in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq between the reality and ambition” , All research and humanitarian studies centres in the provinces of Kurdistan Region Iraq was invited. The forum included interactive dialogues and panel discussions, as well as the discussion of numerous research papers.

On the sidelines of the forum, an exhibition was opened to display the publications of the research centers that participated in the Forum and the number of books presented was about 1800 books with different titles .

The Forum was attended by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Culture and Youth in Kurdistan Region Government(KRG), as well as the governor of Dahuk, and many of former ministers, advisers and directors-General of the Ministries of the KRG, as well as representatives of research centres and numerous researchers and writers and university professors and intellectuals. The President of the University of Duhok Prof. Mosleh Duhoky gave a speech in this occasion in which he stressed on the important of the center and this activity.

The Conference included the presentation of the results of a field survey conducted by the staff of the Beşikҫi Center on the reality of research and humanitarian studies centres in the Region, the survey  including more than 50 a centres through a questionnaire containing 40 questions on the administrative, scientific and financial aspects of the centres.

The Forum also included two interactive panels, the first of which focused on the role of the Government in supporting and utilizing humanitarian research centres in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Culture and Youth of the Region Government, as well as the governor of Dahuk .

“ The panel discussion included discussions on the nature of the work of research centres with government institutions and how to support these centres, and focus on the main mechanisms and problems facing joint action, and how the government benefits from research centres and their outputs “

The second panel discussion was about the role of research centers in the making and guidance of political and economic decisions in the presence of representatives of the most prominent Centres  of research and humanitarian studies in the region added to the Director of Research and Development at Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

“  The dialogue focused on the nature of the work of the research centres and their role in guiding political and economic decisions, and whether the government and political actors benefited from the results  of research centres, and to what extent the results of scientific research in these centres affect on political and economic decisions, or till there is a gap between Centres and decision-making parties  of the KRG.

 After that the discussion of 10 research papers on the reality, role and objectives of the research and humanities centres and the presentation of the experiences of some research centres through selected models.