English language skills at Spatial Planning
Aug. 31, 2016, 1:02 p.m.

To improve students' English language skills, the head of the department of Spatial Planning, Dr. Maha Jameel Al-Malaika, has arranged an English language course for the Zero-year students (foundation year) during summer (August) as a part of the scientific activities of the college. The course started on (01/08/2016) and will end on (28/08/2016). The lectures are given five days per week except for Fridays & Saturdays and classes start from (9:00 to 1:30). This course is prepared & taught by Mr. Araz Bashar Mohammed Ali, the English language lecturer & the Coordinator of the English language Module in the department of Spatial Planning. So far, students have shown a notable improvement in terms of learning basic English skills, English Grammar, reading scientific articles, writing academic essays & research papers, and speaking & presentation skills. Based on students' feedback, the course has been a great learning experience